Lesson One: What is a frequent flyer program

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What is a frequent flyer program? A frequent flyer program is something offered by most airlines where you can get points and redeem this points for free flights and hotels and the secret is to take advantage of these programs the word we use is travel hacking. Don’t worry since you are now becoming a travel hacker you don’t need to frequently fly to do what we are going to do.  An example of the way most people use a frequent flyer program lets say the only time you fly  12 one way flights from JFK to LAX and another 12 from LAX to JFK. The airports are about 2500 miles apart. You get one point or mile for every mile you travel. So if you multiplied 2500 by 24 one way flights you would get 60,000 miles. Which is the amount of points you would need for a one way ticket in first class from JFK to LAX. Of course travel hackers aren’t that inefficient there are other methods (these come up in lessons 2+). So you might be thinking its not really worth it if thats all you get, but there is more there is something called status. Status opens up all entire different world it gives you a world of perks if you continuously fly that airlines. For example Delta’s top status gives you unlimited complimentary upgrades 96hours before the flight meaning you can get first class for coach prices most of the time in addition get 8 domestic first class automatic upgrades at booking which is a score. Take back what I said earlier in the lesson your going to want to fly frequently. The reason for these programs is there so many airlines that fly the same route for example JetBlue, Delta, United, American, and Virgin America all fly from JFK to LAX. If there were none of these programs people would fly the cheapest airline or the one with the best times for them so thats why they exist. To conclude, you should have learned what a frequent flyer program is

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