United Still Sucks?

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After spending thousands for a vacation to fly my family on United’s new Polaris business class. Round trip from SFO-EWR. I did not anticipate for there disgusting staff and terribly managed hub to still be a problem after the biggest P.R. disaster in aviation history. Here are a lists of my problems.

  1. While at SFO the gate agent was the most incompetent staff member in any position. I have ever seen (as a frequent flyer). This women denied the fact that our flight was delayed and made everyone stand up and line up for hours. When I walked up to the counter and ask the gate agent what’s the hold up she says, “There is no hold up.” I then ask her to check her computer one more time and confirm that there is no delay. She checks her computer and tells me no delay. About 30 seconds after I walk away the gate agent comes on the loud speaker and says there is a 2 hour delay.
  2. After a really really long delay in sunny beautiful weather we board. I wanted to see how long the boarding process would take so I timed it on my phone. It took 1 hour and 13 minutes from first announcement to closing the boarding door. The problem was Boeing 777’s are in the top 5 largest aircraft used for commercial aviation ever and they only used one Jet bridge to board 400 passengers. When I asked the flight attendant why they did that she laughed in my face and said they always do this.
  3. A week flashes by I go back to the Newark Airport and get ready to stomach another United Flight. We board the plane at the Newark airport we get on as I board I noticed that there were two jet bridges. I’d love to have the obnoxious flight attendant on that flight just so I could point out to her that there are two jet bridges.
  4. After another 45 minute delay at Newark we get on the plane. I go to start browsing for movies. Not responsive. Every TV on this brand new 777 does not work. Even though the flight crew knew that the TV’s did not work they closed the boarding doors anyway. We took off still no response from the TV’s. We go in the air the WiFi does not work either. The entire flight had no activity to do. On a brand new aircraft.
  5. We land at SFO the pilot comes on the loud speaker and says there is a 5 minute delay. We park all the way at the end of the tarmac and just sit there. They said something about the international terminal and deplaning from there because there domestic terminal has no gates that have two jet-bridges. Since it was a bumpy last 45 minutes I really had to go to the bathroom and couldn’t. Since we had supposedly had another 5 minutes parked at the edge of the tarmac I tried to go to the bathroom. The flight attendant rudely yelled you have to be in your seat. Even though the plane was in park for another 55 minutes. Finally an international gate opens up we pull up they open the door. Everyone starts deplaning. We head for the two open doors I tell members of my family to walk to the in the front. That rude flight attendant cuts her off and says that door is reserved for Polaris customers rows 1-8 (we were in rows 9+.) To clarify we sat there for an hour waiting for two jet-bridges and that nasty flight attendant only let 32 people use one of the jet-bridges. For 32 people to get off a plane takes 2 minutes. That women contradicted the purpose of the delay.

If anyone from United reads this just know my uncle is Christopher Drew (he wrote all the articles for the New York Times about United when the PR disaster occurred.) He wants to write an article about how United has changed since you drag a man off a plane. I wanna tell him about how comfy the Saks Fifth Ave. Bedding was not what you did to my family vacation. If you decide to do the right thing and give my family a partial refund on ourĀ $3,949.20 we spent. We put our trust on you guys while the world hates you guys do the right thing for once. If you decide to do the right thing call me at (914) 356-1101 or email me at frankiepisco1@gmail.com .

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