Lesson Three: Shopping

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Most airlines offer a system of getting points for purchasing things on website for example Delta has Sky Miles Shopping. Basically you google your airline name in addition to the word shopping or mall and a website comes up with all the stores and how many points per dollar you get at each store. For example I order a two hundred dollar jacket from L.L Bean and  I click on Virgin America’s Link I get four hundred elevate points. If you can shift buying groceries, clothing, things from the pharmacy, and everything else you will get a free trip in business class trip to Europe if you spend your points wisely (Lesson Coming on that soon). You might be currently thinking that this it is impossible to shift everything online. At this point you have two options for shopping in stores Option A would be to go to the store pick it out something you want and have the person working there pull up a online link of what you want have them send or write down the name of the item exactly. Go to your phone go to your airline’s shopping portal, go to the store, and type in the name of the item you want that the person at the store gave you finally order it and you will get points per dollar on this item. Option B would be to go to the portal airline’s shopping portal, go to the website that you want and buy a gift card right from them and have them ship it to you, but the problem with this method is it takes a couple of days for you to receive the gift card. What option B is good for if you go to a Target or a certain Grocery Store on a regular bases just buy the gift card from the website, or you know you are going to a certain department store in a couple of days it also good for that. There is one loop whole  with united they have an app called United Mileage Plus X which will let you get points when purchasing items directly in stores.

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