Lesson Six: Credit Cards

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Why Credit Cards: I saved the best mile accumulation stradgey for last credit card bonuses. A credit card bonuses range from 5,000 – 100,000 (if your lucky you can get more.) There are a lot of these credit cards you don’t want to pick the right one so I am going to go through some categories and Ill pick a good one and an alternative.

Airline: The best airline credit card does not belong to one specific airline if you know anything about this topic it’s no surprise that the best airline credit card is the Chase Saphire Reserve between it’s 100,000 point signup bonus (that’s not a promotion) on top of 3x points per dollar on any travel related purchase transfer partners and redeem rates makes it an obvious choice for this list. An honorable mention is the Delta Reserve card with its concierge service and status point sign up. Bonus on top of 30,000 bonus points.

Hotel: The best hotel credit card is Hyatt even if you don’t stay at the hyatt. The hyatt credit card automatically hyatt platinum status which includes 4 room upgrades and two free night stays at any hyatt including the park hyatts which cost like 800 dollars and are really nice. On top of all of that Hilton and maybe Marriot (depending on time of year for marriot) offer status match and since your automatically Hyatt Platinum you are also high statuses on the other hotel carriers so not only do you get uprgades and free nights from Hyatt you get these things from other hotel carries as well all from this one credit card. An honorable mention is the winner of the airline category the Chase Saphire Reserve because you get 3x points for dollar on any travel and you can transfer your points to Hyatt, Marriot, and Ritz Carlton directly.

Shopping:  The best shopping credit card is none knows about but is amazing its so unadvertised. Its the upromise credit card. With this credit card you have access to a shopping portal that gives you 10-20% cash back on pretty much every major online retailer Bloomingdales, Macy, Overstock, etc..

Conclusion: If you want it a credit card for something chances are they have them if its a reasonable requests.


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