Lesson Seven: Random Frequent Flyer Programs

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Intro: Ever thought about living in Charlotte and being loyal to an airline that doesn’t fly there? Well… that sounds crazy but just hear me out. Let’s say you fly from CLT – LHR and american charges you 30k points for a economy ticket but if Blah Airlines charges 25k Blah points to fly from CLT-LHR and its operated by American maybe you should be loyal to Blah Airlines instead but you have to be careful because some airlines do this while most don’t.

Alaska Airlines:  One of the greatest although they have the worst redemption rates on this list they do have the easiest interface and are partners. So even if you don’t have the greatest redemption rates it is a way to pool Delta and American (soon to be Virgin America) points all in one single frequent flyer account that is super cool for people who live in America.

Singapore Airlines: If you live in a United Hub city this is probably the best loyalty program for you. There partners are great UI isn’t amazing but they have amazing united redemption rates  you can get transcontinental BusinessFirst on united for 60,000 points round trip. They also have good redemption rates from the mainland to Hawaii.

Japan Airlines(JAL): So JAL has a terrible user interface one US airline partner American. So it’s keyword almost not on this list, but you can get from JFK to DXB(a 21,000 dollar experince) for 115,000 points which is pretty darn awesome.

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