Lesson Four: Status Run

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If you wanna be elite status on an airline and wanna do something insane this is for you. The definition of a status run is booking cheap flights and traveling a long distance just for status points. There two ways of finding flights that are good for status runs. Option one is to look at cheapflightlabs.com. There a website that posts good deals on airfares and error fares. Check there site a couple times a day for however long it takes you to find the best error fare. A word of advice don’t think about it just book because it’s not going to last maybe an hour. An example of a good error fare is IAH-IST business class for 175 dollars. It doesn’t matter if you don’t live in Houston because you can get a plane ticket for about a 100 dollars there so your all in for about 375 dollars which is a pretty good deal. If you live in SF for example that is 16,864 status miles which is a score for 375 dollars and a trip to IST included. Option two is to use google flights. This method is good for specific dates, but will cost a little more money. So the first step is to go to google flights website and select your dates and origin airport and alliance. Then you open up the map it will show you cities around the globe and the total for how much it will cost to get you there roundtrip. For example I found a run that goes from SFO-IST IST-DEL DEL-IST IST-SFO that gets you 19,124 status points which is really awesome for 700 dollars roundtrip and you get to go to New Delhi on top of it.

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