Lesson Five: Upgrading

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“Big seats, fancy food, and ice cream sundaes all for the price of the shifty middle seat in the back of the plane” ~ Casey Neistat. He pretty just summarized the travel hackers way of upgrading. So the best method of redemption is immitdately upgrading. This means you buy a 12.5k points economy ticket and get a 25k upgrade with a total of 37.5K first class seat. Make sure there is a least 60% of the seats there. That is a good option if you don’t have your top elite status on an airline. If you have your elite status you can just go onto the website however early you can get a complierty upgrade just look at the site for details. The final method is what I call Honeymoon style where you just go to the airport and are nice to the checking counters lady and tell her she looks nice today and all of that then she might offer the upgrade this. A tip for this method wear a suite and act professional but friendly and make sure you are apart of the loyalty program. To conclude, if you fly a lot or put a little effort in and your not on a very full flight there is a high chance you will get that upgrade.

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