JetBlue’s Future Plans

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Jetblue has been posting some unique pictures on there website like the one above. It seems like there are going to add mint to most flights that are on the longer side within the next couple of years. For example mint in SFO-FLL or JFK-LGB or JFK-LAS these are all routes that Jetblue will be putting mint planes on this was excpeted after there secusful launch in 2014. The thing I didn’t see coming was an arrow pointing towards Europe in the picture saying “New Possibilties with A321LR.” For those of you who don’t know what that is to sum it up its a A321 which is one of the biggest narrow body planes with a longer range which means like United’s 757’s. What United does and what I think Jetblue is going to do once the A321LR comes out is put these narrow bodu planes to little cities that don’t need that don’t have enough people to fill an wide plane. For example United flies from Chicago-Shannon, Ireland. So people how live in and around Shannon don’t have to drive 2 and a half hours to Dublin and they can charge people a little more because its an “Odd Route.” This what Jetblue is going to do with the A321LR. The reason Jetblue doesn’t just buy 757’s is because the A321LR is going to be so fuel efficent while the 757 isn’t.

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