Jetblue Mint Solo Pods VS. Companion Pods

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With JetBlue Mint Rows 1,3,5 are seats you seat next to people, but seats in rows 2 and 4 you are by yourself. So obviously the solo pods are better but the sell out really quick because there’s only four of them so the question becomes is it worth it to plan your travel plans months and months in advance (like 9-10 months) so you and the rest of your party can get solo pods.


Both Solo Pods and Companion Pods get expedited check in and security. Both also get the same level priority boarding. Finally both get priority clip on there bag to make them the first of the carousel.

Companion Pods:

You get on the plane and have your companion next to you. Then you get in the air and eat your meal get a couple drinks and a have to go to the bathroom and of course your on in the window seat and the person is taking a snooze next to you but since the seats aren’t pitched at an angle like United’s businessfirst on there 757’s you take a leap of faith over the person and make it and hit there chair. And forgot about if there tray tables are out and you have to go to the bathroom. They should have angled there seats big mistake JetBlue.

Solo Pods:

You get on you have much more space three power outlets all to yourself a huge side arm rest where you can put your stuff and a little door. With no around you there is a lot more space and you feel so much cooler. If you have to go to the snack bar five times no problem. Go to the bathroom a lot of times because of the snacks no problem. Overall for the same price it’s an amazing experince. Plus with three outlets you can have a 50″ flat screen a fan and still charge your laptop and phone which is also really cool.


If you don’t mind booking a flight nine months out inĀ advance it so worth it. If your flying by yourself and hate booking in advance either suck it up or fly American or Delta they have solo pods transcontinental on routes.

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