Is It That Bad # 2: Southwest Airlines

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Southwest is a low cost carrier but might seem similar to Spirit or Aliegaint. It is a great product especially for those quick flights. Let me share my exprenice. Since I live near San Francisco there three international airports all about 20 minutes away from my house. Southwest flies to all three airports. My favorite is SJC its new clean and you can get through really fast. As excepted we flew through and got to the gate. If anyone knows anything about southwest you know they have a one cabin economy. I’m not a huge fan especially considering there is no TV’s or on demand snacks. Southwest can get away with it because they are very efficient product and has wifi. What I mean by efficient product is they board faster than any other airline in the world with there no assigned seating since there is no assigned seating people like to get to the airport early meaning that they don’t have to wait for people running late. Another thing is that there frequent flyer programs earn and redemption is fantastic so is it that bad. One other things is Alliegaint and Sprit charge you for everything while at Southwest they are one of the very few airlines that still offer free bags. For flights under two hours no it’s fine and the door to door is very fast. Flights longer than that depending on who you are might make you go crazy. I’m going to put it in the not bad side of the scale.

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