Is It That Bad #1: United

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United is know for ┬áhaving the reputation of being a legacy carrier. It has a nick name “The big bad three.” It has a bad rap for secretly making its frequent flyer program Milage plus bad in ways such as devaluing there points and switching to getting points for how much money you spend not how far you fly. For the average Joe who only flies a few times a year and lives in a united hub city should you fly them over another carrier. So let’s take a look and see. Firstly if you live in a hub city United has a lot of flights look at the map about one of nine of those flights involve your city and if your reading this article months ahead they probably have more routes and planes. So thats the first thing. Also, American, Delta, and Southwest have more delays Additionally, United’s fleet is all over the place on the route IAH_EWR they have these types of aircrafts over two days Airbus A320, A319 Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Boeing 787-9 dreamerliner, boeing 777-200, boeing 737-800,and boeing 757-200. That’s three wide and five narrow body planes. With a total of seven diffrent kinds of planes on one route. That’s a bad thing right? No infarct that’s a great thing because very plane offers something a little different. For example the airbuses have newly renovated planes, the 737-800 has huge tv’s with directv, the 777-200 has a lot of first class seats which means opportunity for an upgrade, and finally the 787 planes have a great flying experience. In addition there first class is average domesticaly but there international is fantastic with its baige color and bye far the most comfortable chair in the sky. If your l put in an additionally five minutes of research you might be able to find there flat bed business and first class seats domesticate epically considering the fact that they are adding more and more planes with flat beds domestically, Finally even if first class isn’t your think and you just want a tv on your flight while booking there is a button you can push and it will only show flights with a tv in the seat. To conclude, this is the most reasonable out of the major three I didn’t even hit flight attendant kindness and ice cream sundaes. So is it that bad no I think there airlines that are much much worst and don’t offer what they do if you dig below the surface there a great airline.










































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