Is Alaska Airlines Crazy?

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A few months ago Alaska decided to buy Virgin America for 2.6 Billion Dollars which is a lot of money way more than anyone excepted for it to sell. There is one main reason why airlines consulates for less competition. For example for a flight from SFO-PDX United,Virgin America , and Alaska are the three carriers that go that route. When Alaska buys Virgin and it officially closes Alaska there will be one less competor on that route that’s a big deal. That is great but there is always more for example with the Us Airways and Ameircan merger it was worth it because US Airways had Dozens of Airbus A320’s and A321’s which are very nice and new aircrafts so it made it worth it. Not to mention the fact that this is the most odd merger in History because Alaska Airlines does not make there cabin interiors very nice while Virgin does. Not to mention the fact that Alaska Airlines main hub is Seattle which is Boeing the airplane companies hub and it’s just disrespectful for Alaska Airlines to have that many Airbuses in there possessions so why. Why are they doing this, Are there crazy. Unfortunately they are not crazy and have a motive. So Alaska Airlines entire existence is Hawaii, Mexico, and the Pacifc Northwest and Virgin Ameirca took this over and people are deciding to fly Virgin over them. For example every Febuarry my family and I got to Hawaii every year we usually take Alaska because there a lot cheaper than United then Virgin added routes from SFO to Maui and we flew them over Alaska and many other Caalifornia travelers. So when in doubt buy an airline. So there sort of crazy. Maybe spend your 2.6 Billon Dollars on your inflight product for starters get rid of the furry bulkhead.

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