Why Budget Airlines Kick Butts

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Southwest is a budget no thrills carrier with open seating and is categorized as a “Budget Airline”.  It makes more money than any other US airline, has two free checked bags, and is the first carrier in the world getting a 737 MAX they defiantly kicks butt. There is no faster way to get from Point A to Point B between there boarding process and small airports they fly to such as Chicago Midway, Dallas Love Field, and Oakland International Airport. So why do people love them if you have ever flown them it is obvious but if you haven’t there just awesome I hate economy but there’s doesn’t bother me.  So how about the sour end of the budget airline well people like good deals Frontier like Chicago to Atlanta for 56 Dollars ROUND TRIP. That is insane I would go to Atlanta just for fun if I lived in Chicago. To end my thought what can I say, humans love a good deal.

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