Is It That Bad Street Fight Edition: AA vs Delta

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We have already covered that United is better than American and Delta but who is the second place of the legacy carriers. What is amazing about United is there Reasonable Aircraft Promises or RAP for example most routes longer than 2000 on united miles have a 737-800 equiped with TV on it and all international flights longer than two hours have flat beds in business and list goes on. Almost like a set of rules of what to except for which aircraft. Well Delta and American are really really bad at this. American will not completely refurbish the US Airways planes so there is that guessing game and delta’s planes are just really old like md-90. I was looking at some Delta flights and saw a MD-90 which are not made anymore and have a range 200 miles short of one of there longest routes with Delta SFO-MSP. I have to give this one to American because at least there aircraft’s are new like 787 and A321. Another importance is experience  there has to be a lot of flights and a small margin of delays. Delta in 2016 had 28.5% of flights delayed or canceled . While  American had 36% of fights delayed. American has about 1,556 airplanes while Delta has 1,330. I am going to have to give this round to Delta because although they have 150 less planes than American that delay margin for American is just insane 🙁 . So the final rounds the tie breaker between the worst and second worst legacy carrier is the amount if hubs. The more hubs an airline has the better it is. So AA’s hubs are JFK/LGA, CLT, PHX, MIA, LAX, ORD, DFW and PHL. Delta’s hubs are JFK, ATL, LAX, DTW, MSP, NRT, SLC, BOS, AMS,CIN, SEA, and PAR. For US hubs it was a tie between the two airlines. International hubs delta wins. So the conclusion is the both pretty suck think about it. The best clothing stores are small and bad stores are everywhere and huge. The same laws apply to the airlines so is it that bad yes its pretty bad. Which one is better I would say Delta because there expansion and plan to get better is going to take(ing) action a lot quicker than AA’s. I mean come on American paint those US Airway planes from 2012 its just insulting.

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