American Airlines Airbus A321T Plane Review

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American’s a321T might be the weirdest narrow body commercial plane ever it’s a small plane with three very different classes. It flies between SFO/LAX to JFK To start there is first class there five rows of 1-1 seats there great and comfortable. The seat has a have a great ¬†and large entertainment system. American also has a fantastic amenity kit (with the most amazing socks ever.) One of my favorite features of the a321T first class is it has access to flagship checkin at LAX and JFK which is a room where you get checked in and after you done getting checked they open a door which leads directly to the front of the security line its awesome. Then we move further back in the plane and we get to business class which has five rows of 2-2 seating flat bed seating. This business class gets the same amenity kit and menu as first, but doesn’t have access to flag ship check in its great if your traveling with a companion especially considering its half the cost as first. Moving to the final class we have economy. Economy is a standard refreshed domestic economy with a tv and opportunity to get food and drinks. The main reason this plane is so odd is Jetblue’s a321 has 190 seats on it. American’s A321T (which is a slightly bigger plane) has 102 seats on it. Boarding is a breeze on it. Despite being weird is wish more domestic planes were like this.

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