Lesson Two: Alliances Explained and who should I be loyal to

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You know what a frequent flyer program is so you have to pick a main airline to dissolve your points into. The best way to dvertimne what airline to become loyal to is see what airline has a hub in your airport. A hub is a airline that has many flights out of one airport. I have compiled a list of 20 major US cities and what airline you should become loyal to. Click here to view it.  A heads up try to steer towards United, American, and Delta because they have the best loyalty/frequent flyer programs. To keep another factor in your decision is you can become loyal to an airline that doesn’t hub in your airport travel is just a little harder and involves more layovers. So Now that you hopefully know what airline that you are going to be loyal too we can now discuss alliances. There three major alliances One World which American Airlines is in Star Alliance which has united in it and Sky Team which Delta is in. An alliance basically means you can earn points with one loyalty program and get them from another airline. with a Lufthansa flight. For example if I were to go from Munich to Zurich on lufthansa I would get United Points because they are alliance partners. Google a lists of all the airlines involved with alliances.

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