Airbus won’t have another 10,000 plane deliveries and here is why!

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Airbus recently delivered there 10,000 aircraft an A350 which is one of my least favorite commercial aircrafts that gets delivered today. So my opinion doesn’t matter and 10,000 aircrafts is great right. Well it is great but there entire line is a failure that can’t keep up with Boeing’s innovation. Boeing’s latest and greatest innovation is little fuel efficient planes. This is the future and Airbus instead of realizing that they keep trying to push this outdated methods that do not work like the method of big inefficient planes like the  a380 which is so awesome with the bars and showers and apartments. There alternative for the 787 is the A350 which is the most horrible aircraft ever its one story not small or big and is not fuel efficient it has absolutely nothing go for it. The long and skinny routing(Routes 3000 + Miles  that don’t have a lot of demand Example: EWR-Belfast) is the future of aviation and the A380 doesn’t fit it. My final concern was the bar. So if these small 787’s are going everywhere what is going to happen to the bar. The bar isn’t going anywhere because these planes are so efficient the airlines can offered taking out a few rows to have a bar. So the A380 is the coolest aircraft that will probably ever exist but this type of aircraft is done.

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